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Best friends.

Title-Best friendS
Author, </a></strong></a>pomkeygeekange
Rating: G (just for a change)
Pairing Tony /Angela
Warnings- written for </a></strong></a>smut_69 prompt 59, but sorry no smut this time, its all about the romance.
Disclaimer, I do not own Who’s the Boss? or the characters and I am not making money from these fics.
Word count  171
Reviews are all good and appreciated and may help me finish this challenge.

To themselves they had just been  good friends, best friends in fact but they where just that best friends. Or that’s what they told themselves each day, trying to convince themselves that they where not more than that.  But to those around them they knew , even if Tony and Angela did not realise it, they where so much more.

Well even Angela realised they were, even if it was on a subconscious level. Her 13 year old self had suspected it when she had first kissed him at summer camp, she had an inkling on the first anniversary of Tony working for her and she just knew it now.  Huddled together for warmth in a sleeping bag sat on top of a billboard was maybe not the most romantic setting but she felt content, loved and most importantly safe. It may take Tony a while for him to realise his feelings but for now as she rested her head on his shoulder she decided she could wait till he did.
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