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November Challenges

I thought about setting up some WTB? fan fic challenges. Three per month to make of what you will. Any length - preferably over 100 words. wtb100 is for drabbles. Any rating - R/NC-17 behind a cut (and screw the MPAA...). Some will be word prompts, some will be situations. Any ideas for a challenge...speaketh up! And if you want to mix the challenges to make a super! so!

So here are the November challenges:

1. Word prompt: Rain Make of that what you will.

2. Dancing We all know (or should know) how much dancing went on in the show. Write anything to do with dancing, not necessarily Tony/Angela either.

3. Another's point of view Write about Tony/Angela's relationship (at any point season 1-8 and beyond) from another character's POV. Could be Jonathan, could be Mrs Rossini...hell could be Grover if you wish it so!

Happy writing people!
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